Shell Boilers As Getabec Three-Pass Boilers

The shell boiler as a three-pass flame-tube smoke tube boiler (in short: “three pass boiler”) is the boiler design most commonly produced worldwide for medium performance ranges.

Meanwhile it has become regarded as the ideal construction. The GETABEC three-pass boilers we supply are available for a wide performance spectrum, so that we can supply the right kind of boiler to meet every requirement.

  • Series: HDO/HDO-D three-pass boilers (steam generators)
  • Series: HWO/HWO-D three-pass boilers (hot water generators)
  • Special construction: HDK three-pass boilers (coal)
  • Special construction: WHR three-pass / one-pass boilers (waste heat)

 Getabec Three-Pass Boilers

It has proved worthwhile to let us design a boiler unit in line with local operating conditions. We can equip complete boiler houses and power supply centres and delivers all the components needed for the generation of steam and hot water. We develop, design, manufacture and supply three-pass boilers for various applications wherever heat is needed. They are used as hot water generators just for heating purposes in domestic heating systems or for generating steam as process steam for the food and beverage industry, textile industry, hotels, chemical and petrochemical industry, feed mills etc. only to mention a few.


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