Hot water boiler

GETABEC Hot water boilers are designed under Getabec engineering team. The design and configuration of GETABEC boilers give them the optimum prerequisites for individual requirements in industry and commerce. All hot water boiler design is approved by TÜV.


  • HWO Single Flame Tube Design
    Performances of up to 15.6 MW
    GETABEC: HWO is the ideal heat generator when quality requirements are high. They are used primarily in district heating plants and characterized by high economic efficiency, operation safety, and low-emission combustion.
  • HWO-D Double Flame Tube Design
    Performances of up to 32 MW
    Large scale heating centres and cogeneration units can only be built with large Double Flame Tube hot water generators. Like the steam generators of the HDO-D series, the hot water generators of the HWO-D series have flue gas passes that are entirely separated from each other so that the requirements for low-emission combustion and single-flame operation are met.