Absorption Chiller Steam Type

Absorption Chiller Steam Type is an eco-friendly and economical solution that uses thermal heat sources from nearby power plants instead of using electricity.

Absorption Chiller Steam Type

Absorption Chiller Steam Type uses heat instead of electricity, which is highly recommended for areas with electricity shortage. It is a more environmentally friendly and economical product because it uses the heat energy source from the surrounding thermal power plant as a heat source.

Prevention of Power Failure

Absorbent Concentration Control

The prevention control is executed when the concentration rises above the set value. By controlling the absorption liquid concentration automatically, it prevents the pre-absorption of liquid crystals and calculates the time from the power failure to the completion of power recovery through the independent timer built in the product.

Superior Installation Convenience

3 Parts Partition enables easy installation at narrow places such as remodeling & renovation sites.

Easy Pipe Cleaning

When cleaning the piping, only the water box cover can be opened without disconnecting the piping.

Absorption Chiller Steam Type Line Up

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