Capacity : 50~2,000RT (176~7,033kW)
Exhaust Gas :

Low exhaust gas pressure loss
Achieved pressure loss lower than 150mmAq, by adopting high-finned tubes in the generator

Safe hermetic, spring return diverter valve
When the chiller is not working, or even shut down by black out, the diverter valve completely close and prevent hot gas getting into the chiller

Applicable to low-quality exhaust gas
Exhaust gas containing much dirt can be used by installing smoke type tubes

High delta T heat recovery
Low exhaust gas outlet temperature down to 120℃, achieved by the exhaust gas heat exchanger installed through outlets of high-temperature generators. In this way, the temperature of exhaust gas drops to 120℃, maximizing the efficiency of chillers through raising gas(oil) and exhaust gas heat recovery.

Stable chilled water leaving temperature
Equipped with an inverter control system which provides precise part-load control of absorbent solution flow rate, securing stable chilled water leaving temperature

Multiple heat source
Combined the structure of CHP and HWAR-L to use both exhaust gas and hot water as heat source. Suitable to the customer who has less amount of waste energy and limited installation space.